special event insurance PUBLIC & PRODUCT LIABILITY

Special Events and Public Gatherings can be for all sorts of reasons and range from Super band concerts and International stage shows through to local community fairs & fetes. We have wide experience in arranging Public Liability Insurance for all sorts Special Events and Community Gatherings including for:-

  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Eisteddfods
  • Sporting & Cultural Events
  • Stage Shows
  • Musical Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Religious Meetings
  • Theatre Performances

Special Event Insurance will cover your legal liability against claims from the public while attending your event; if it’s a big event such as a large concert in an open-air auditorium you might also consider taking out ‘Event Cancellation Insurance’ (due to extreme weather &/or performer incapacity or any other eventuality beyond the control of the organiser of the event)

While the risk exposure might be different,  the same insurance principles apply which is to obtain the broadest liability cover to protect against the specific risks unique to your event; because every special event is different.

Property insurance – Covers the property used in the event.

Employers ‘liability – Covers you against any claims from any staff that you might employ for the event

Quotes are usually provided Free and without obligation – in most cases you can complete a Liability Quote Application online which can be submitted immediately; we will usually get back to you within hours; if not right-away.

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We aim to take out the complicated jargon and just give you what you want :-

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If you have High Risk & Hard to Place Liability Insurance click here

Where other insurance brokers shy away from Hard to Place insurance risks we actually love the challenge of doing something out of the ordinary. Got something different? – give us something different to do.


Insurance for the Special Event includes :-

Public Liability Insurance for: Animal Exhibition, Anniversary Party, Antique Show, Art Show, Auction, Auto Show, Award Presentation, Baby Shower, Banquet, Baptism Celebration, Baptism Ceremony, Bar or Bat Mitzvah Celebration, Bar or Bat Mitzvah Ceremony, Bingo Game, Birthday Celebration, Business Meeting, Business Show, Camera Show, Canine Show, Card Show, Catering Event, Charity Auction, Charity Benefit, Charity Dance, Charity Sale, Childrens’ Party, Christening Celebration, Civic Club Meeting, Class Reunion, Classic Music Concert/Musical Performance, Coach Tour, Commercial Event, Computer Show, Conference, Confirmation Celebration, Corporate Days, Corporate Event, Corporate Meeting, Cultural Event, Dance Event, Dancing Party, Debuts, Dog Show, Evangelistic Meeting, Exhibition, Fair, Family Reunion, Fashion Show, Festival, Film Showing, Flower Show, Fund Raising, Garden Show, Graduation Celebration (College, University), Graduation Celebration (K-12), Halloween Costume Contest, Home Show, Indoor Event, Job Fair, Lecture, Lounge Show, Luncheon, Magic Show, Mobile Home Show, Outdoor Event, Party, Pet Show, Picnic – no water activity, Prom, Reception, Recital, RV Show, Show, Static Auto Car Show, Store Opening, Testimonial Dinner, Trade Show, Vacation Show, Wedding, Wedding Celebration, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Workshops.