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RuralPlus is the Farming and Agribusiness insurance division of Rural & General Insurance Broking Pty Ltd “RGIB” which specialises in providing insurance for all types of rural and regional based agribusiness. For details about agribusiness insurance: Click to go to Agribusiness 

We cater for most types of farming enterprises across Australia including for:-

Public Liability Insurance Only:-  For Vacant Land – Hobby & Working Farms

One of the biggest risks for farmers and rural land owners is livestock getting out on a road. Every year accidents occur as a result of vehicles colliding with livestock, in particular cattle. Serious injuries inevitably occur and often result in legal liability claims made against the person whoever had care, custody and control of the livestock; even if the cattle are not yours.

While good fencing helps to reduce any degree of negligence, the law generally finds whoever had care of the livestock to be negligent and thus, legally liable. It’s vital your liability insurance covers losses from animals.  Click to go to Public Liability Only

Bricklayers Insurance Repairs

Comprehensive Rural & Farm Pack Insurance is our Specialty:-

As a farmer, you know all about the unpredictable nature of running a business which involves large areas of land, livestock, machinery and vehicles; and so do we. 

Arranging comprehensive insurance cover for farmers is the cornerstone of our company but, that’s not all we do – we’re also one of Australia leading Agribusiness insurers. 

Indeed, our rural heritage goes back to the days of the Farmers & Graziers Cooperative Insurance Company “FGC” established in 1917; and which agriculture has changed a lot in that time, our traditional values  based on service and integrity remain the same. 


For Small & Medium Sized Farming Enterprises:- T/O less than $2,000,000 p.a

Because of the multi-risk nature of farming, the insurance industry has developed a standard range of typical ‘head policies’ often packaged together in what is colloquially known as a ‘Farm Pack’ . But, despite the generic naming, each insurance company’s polices often contain very different wording, limits and levels of cover, which can leave the unsuspecting farmer uninsured in certain events.

Typically Farm Packs will include the following options:-

Farming and Agribusiness insurance can vary widely in the cover required to what is available, so more often than not it is necessary to arrange insurance with an insurance underwriter who understands farming & agribusiness insurance. Additionally, insurance is also available for most types of Livestock (animal mortality) and Crops but, usually only as separate policies.

For Large Complex Farming Operations:-

Australia’s farming and grazing industry is one of the most advanced in the world. Accordingly the level of complexity often involves sophisticated computer technology measuring soil moisture, complimented with hi-tech planting and harvesting machinery.

Indeed, many farming operations are adopting the vertical integration method of controlling the processes from farm to consumer often having their own supply and packing facilities on farm. Even large scale grazing and feed-lotting has become complex with the continuing development of herd genetics and feed types in order to maintain customer specifications especially in the high-end consumer and live export markets.

Thus, most standard Farm Packs may not cover the complexity of risks faced by large scale or complex farming enterprises; accordingly policy coverage is generally best provided by specialist underwriters who understand the farming business and who are willing to modify and/or tailor the cover to meet the clients. For instance the insurance may need to include cover for airstrips, on farm accommodation, bloodstock; third party contracting services and seasonal workers; not to mention workers compensation.

Other Important things to consider:-

Farm Business interruption not only do farmers face the perils of nature (fire, drought & floods) they also face the perils of international politics. Australia’s agricultural industries rely more than ever on exporting produce and as result hiccups in international relations can have a severe flow on effect upon farmers. The Australian government’s temporary banning of cattle exports to Indonesia was a prime example, sending a number of farmers broke.

Animal cruelty issues in the Middle East and Russia’s intermittent rejection of grains are other examples of disturbances which impact upon farmers. Even local small-scale farmers can be affected with their produce achieving lower prices because of export produce flooding the local markets when it can’t be exported. International shipping and airline strikes can also affect the supply chain resulting in losses down the line. Business Interruption and Trade Credit insurance compensates farmers for these types of contingent losses.


Livestock Insurance

We understand the value of a farmers’ livestock; our animal mortality insurance covers farmers in the event of animal death through injury, accident &/or illness. Cover is generally available for most types of livestock including for specialist breeders, graziers and feedlots, carriers and abattoirs.


Crop Insurance

Growing crops requires a specialized skill combined with taking large financial risks as crop farmers exposed to a wide range of unique risks that many generic farm insurance policies do not cover. Our preferred crop insurance policies enable crop farmers to insure the full value of their crops against a range of perils.

Our expert knowledge of the agricultural industry means that we can deliver a comprehensive insurance program tailored to suit the individual needs of your farming enterprise. To discuss matters further (without any obligation or charge) please contact us.

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